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Babu Islam
Jun 21, 2022
In Agriculture Forum
Browser: chrome chrome with google, plus some Whatsapp Mobile Number List search skills, the efficiency has improved several grades. The above are some of my personal experience in building a knowledge base. Finally, there are two points that need to be emphasized: many people will ask, after reading a lot of truths, why can’t they grasp it well and Whatsapp Mobile Number List live a bad life? The author gives the answer - knowledge is someone else's, mind is yours. Only by being aware of the mental model is Whatsapp Mobile Number List the starting point of self-transcendence. Last year, a circle of friends of meituan wang huiwen sparked heated discussions: he reposted the above model, the dunning-kruger psychological effect, and attached Whatsapp Mobile Number List his own interpretation: an important responsibility of a responsible manager is to push his subordinates from the peak of ignorance to the valley of despair. As for whether he can climb the slope of enlightenment, it depends on personal creation. The dunning-kruger effect, also known Whatsapp Mobile Number List as the dk effect. To the effect: the lower the level of self-awareness, the greater the cognitive bias, and the easier it is to inflate the self (standing on the top of ignorance); conversely, the higher the level of self-awareness, the smaller the cognitive bias, and the easier it is for Whatsapp Mobile Number List self-transcendence (on the slope of enlightenment). Dunning said more sharply: if you have no ability, you will not know that you have no ability.
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Babu Islam

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